Excel Add-In installs completes successfully, but the menu does not appear in the Excel menu.

Published: Nov 15, 2017
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

Attempting to install the Excel Add-In, and the installation completes without errors.  However when opening Excel, the Add-In does not appear.  Going to the Excel Add-Ins and attempting to enable it also does not show the Add-In as being available.  

Ensure you are installing the correct 32 bit or 64 bit version of the Excel Add-In.  The version should match your version of Excel and not the version of your operating system.  To determine what version of Excel you are on, go to File – Account.  In the Account window click on the “About Excel” button.  When the “About Microsoft Excel” window opens, the very top line will say either 32 bit or 64 bit at the end of the line.   Install the version of the Add-In that matches your version of Excel.

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