Error Number 9563, Error Codes were not found in table taErrorCode

Published: Oct 26, 2016
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

Get the following error trying to run a Dynamics GP Payables Transaction integration. 

Sql procedure error codes returned: Error Number = 9563 Stored Procedure = Error Description = Error Codes were not found in table DYNAMICS..taErrorCode.

This is a Dynamics GP eConnect error that is missing from the Error Code table. The actual error is referencing the supplied Account Number does not allow account entry. The specific account will need to be set up to allow account entry for the integration to run successfully. 

You can run the following SQL in your Dynamics GP System database so the correct error will be displayed.

INSERT INTO taErrorCode (ErrorCode, SourceProc, ErrorDesc, ErrorKeyFields, ErrorParms)

SELECT 9563, ‘taPMDistribution’, ‘The Account Number you supplied is not set up to allow account entry’, ‘DOCTYPE VCHRNMBR VENDORID DISTTYPE’, ‘ACTNUMST’

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