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Error message when you click “Yes” to include new code after SmartConnect install

Published: Oct 26, 2017
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

We just installed the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Add-In and when we launch Dynamics GP, after clicking ‘yes’ on the message “New code must be included…”, we receive the Dexterity Runtime error “Privilege Error” followed by “Unable to include new code”.


Several items can prevent a Dynamics GP product or 3rd party product from being able to update for the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Add-In.

  1. The sc16.cnk (or whichever version of SmartConnect is being used) file is set to read-only.
  2. There is an existing SMRTCONN.DIC file and it is set to read-only.
  3. The Dynamics.set file is set to read-only.
  4. The current Windows user does not have write permissions in the Dynamics GP folder.
  5. A user is logged into Dynamics GP on the current machine.


Each item can be resolved as follows

  1. Unmark the read-only option on the SmartConnect cnk file.
  2. Unmark the read-only option on the SMRTCONN.DIC file.
  3. Unmark the read-only option on the Dynamics.set file.
  4. Right Click on the Dynamics GP icon and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ or give the current Windows user write permission to the Dynamics GP folder or log into this client as a machine administrator.
  5. Make sure all users are out of Dynamics GP on the current machine.

The following is a list of the other eOne Products Chunk file and Dictionary file if that is the product that was installed. The chunk file name may represent the version being installed.

Extender, Extender.cnk, EXTUD.DIC
SmartView, sv16.cnk, SMRTVIEW.DIC
Flexicoder, Flexi16.cnk, FLEXI.DIC
SmartPost, sp16.cnk, SMRTPST.DIC

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