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ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]General error Unable to open registry key when you open a SmartConnect map.

Published: Feb 05, 2021
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

When opening a SmartConnect map that uses an Excel datasource, receiving an error that says this:

ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]General error Unable to open registry key Temporary (volatile) Ace DSN for process 0x514 Thread 0x1d4c DBC 0xc1c85f4 Excel’.

ERROR [01S00] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]Invalid connection string attribute FirstRowHasNames

A screenshot of the error looks like this

This means your pathname to the Excel file is incorrect.   Click OK on the error message, which will give you a warning that you need to enter a valid data source before continuing, click OK on that message as well.  

The map will then open at that point.  Go to the data source section of the map, and click on the “Browse” button at the far right on the Excel pathname.  Browse out to the location of the Excel file, select the file, and then hit Open.  

If the “Sheet” drop down does not fill in, click on the drop down and select the Sheet that contains the data.   Now hit Validate, and then hit Preview and save the map.   Reopen the map an you should no longer get the error.  

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