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eConnect error 4628 – The Tracking Number (Tracking_Number) is empty

Published: Sep 07, 2023
Post Author Written by Pat Roth

I’m running a SmartConnect Integration to Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP) and attempting to create tracking numbers for that document.  I’m passing in a valid tracking number however eConnect is failing with this error but yet we can see in the error that there IS non-empty tracking number data for that field.

Error Number = 4628 Stored Procedure = taCreateSOPTrackingInfo Error Description = The Tracking Number (Tracking_Number) is empty

How do I work around this issue?

As we can see from the eConnect error message and XML, the Tracking_Number value is NOT empty – it is ‘aaaa’ in this example and valid for the purposes of the error check in the procedure.  Or at least it should be valid.

A technical partner, Steve Endow, discusses this error and the reason behind it in his blog.

While Steve doesn’t give the reader a “fixed” version of the eConnect proc that fixes this bug, we don’t actually need it!

Microsoft has two stored procedures that will add the tracking information to a SOP Document – this one, taCreateSOPTrackingInfo, which has this bug and fails and another one, taSOPTrackinNum, that is correct and successfully adds the proper tracking information.

The SmartConnect node – “Create tracking information” is the one that doesn’t work, I would advise to NOT use that node due to this issue.

Instead use the “Add tracking number” node in the SmartConnect map which will call the taSOPTrackinNum proc instead and will create the tracking information properly.

There is one slight difference between the two nodes/procs in that this ‘add tracking number’ node also gives you the opportunity to DELETE an existing tracking number with a field that you set.  Microsoft discusses this in their eConnect SDK for that mapping.

The field is named “Type” per the screenshot and you can set it via the List Option “New Document Tracking Number or Adding a Tracking Number to an Existing Document”. 

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