Could not connect to SQL server after updating to SmartConnect 2013

Published: Oct 02, 2013
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

After updating to SmartConnect 2013, receiving a message that says “Could not connect to SQL server” when trying to launch SmartConnect 2013.

Check in the Windows Event Viewer in the Application and Services Logs. Look for a SmartConnect event log and see if you see any messages that are similar to the following:

not-null property references a null or transient valueeOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Microsoft.Dynamics.Gp.MsGpConnector.WebServiceDomain
Could not save record

not-null property references a null or transient valueeOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Microsoft.Dynamics.Gp.MsGpConnector.WebServiceUsername
Could not save record.

Can’t Parse as GpVersions
Could not save record.

If you see messages like this, you can run a script in SQL Server management studio to resolve the issue. Run this script in SQL server management studio and you will be able to get into SmartConnect.

update SmartConnect..MsGpConnector set WebServiceUrl = ”, WebServiceDomain = ”, WebServiceUserName = ”, WebServicePassword = ” where WebServiceDomain is null


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