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Cannot generate SSPI context

Published: Nov 11, 2015
Post Author Written by Pat Roth

I’m running a SmartConnect integration and it is failing with the error – Cannot generate SSPI context. What does this error mean and how can I fix it?

There are two reasons that you can get this error.

If the integration has never worked due to this error, possibly you are running into a Kerberos/Service Principle Name (SPN) issue.

eOne wouldn’t be able to assist you with this type of issue but there are numerous articles that discuss this error.

One that looks informative is:


If your SmartConnect integration has been working correctly but just started giving this error then it likely is a User/Active Directory issue.

The most common one we see in relation to SmartConnect is that an application is trying to create a connection to SQL Server but the account that it is running under has an issue with the Active Directory user account. Typically what has happened is that the user on the connection has an expired password or that the account in Active Directory has been locked.

In SmartConnect, the user this error typically is seen for is the configured user on the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 20xx Integration Service.

To resolve:

  1. Find the user configured on the machine running the SmartConnect integration as that is also the same machine running eConnect.
  2. On the Active Directory machine in the Active Directory Users and Computers. Verify:

    Account is not locked
    Account is not disabled
    Account password is not expired
    Account is not expired

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