32 bit Excel Add-in for SmartConnect 21 does not appear after installing.

Published: Jul 01, 2022
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

Installing the 32 bit Excel Add-in for SmartConnect 21.  It appears to install successfully, however it does not show up in Excel, and there is not any way to add it.  

If you are using a 64 bit operating system, but you have 32 bit Excel installed, there is an additional registry setting that must be applied before you launch Excel.  So the install of the 32 bit Add-in should be done this way.  

1.  Download the SmartConnect 21 32 bit Excel Add-in.

2.  Install the Add-in as you normally would, however do not launch it.  

3.  Download this zip file containing a registry entry: 32 bit Add-in registry download

4.  Unzip the file, and right click on the “ExcelAddin_WOW6432Node.reg” file and select “Merge” from the drop down list.  Type in local administrator credentials if prompted.  

5.  After it says that the file was successfully merged, launch Excel and the Add-in will include automatically and be available for use.  

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