Configuring Service Entities for Data Sources

  • With an open Rest Connection, navigate to the Service Entities section.
  • Type the Name for the service endpoint that is being defined as a source.
  • Click the Edit button to open the REST Service Entity Maintenance window.
  • The Endpoint field should be filled in to connect to the correct service. This will be combined with the Base URL to create the full URL.
  • The Request Method can be changed if a different VERB is required for a specific endpoint.
  • The Fields section will determine how to display fields from the payload of data that is returned from the service. It is recommended to use a sample file of the payload to load the structure and determine the path for each field.
  • The Type column can be changed after the fields are loaded from file if a data type is set incorrectly.
  • For a basic GET VERB to a service with no additional parameters, the setup would now be complete for that service endpoint.

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