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Kelly asked 3 months ago

I have a map set up to create customers from a text file that is generated from our customer source.  That import works well with one issue.  The zip code does not integrate if there is a +4 on the end.  Ex. 29450 will import without issue, but 29450-1234 goes in as blank.  Any ideas on how to work around this. 

Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 months ago

Your issue is that the Text ODBC Driver is interpreting your data as an integer.  And thus the Zip+4 obviously ISN’T an integer and comes in as blank since it isn’t valid.

The solution is that you have to use the “Create Schema” button and define the schema for your text file.

In the schema, you would tell ODBC that this is a string column.  And now SC/ODBC will read the column as text which either 12345 or 12345+6789 are both valid.

Ideally this map is a Text File Folder Data Source map – if just using Text File then you would have to redo the schema every time unless the file name never changes.


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