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Your Login Failed. Please Contact your System Administrator

Matthew asked 6 years ago
Good Day Folks,
I’m having an issue logging in to SmartConnect.  Our other admins are able to get in, but I am new to the company. Is there a location where smartconnect saves login logs? I’m just trying to piece this one together.  I have run the configuration test eOne.SmartConnect.Config successfully with the core password.
However, when I run the eOne.SmartConnect.UI.External.exe (main icon) I am receiving the error ‘Your Login Failed. Please Contact your System Administrator’.
Jared Dux Staff answered 6 years ago
Your AD user user will need to be added to the SmartConnect security by one of your other admins.  Have one of them launch SmartConnect, navigate to Setup>>Security and then add your AD user here.
Matthew replied 6 years ago

Good Day Jared. Thanks! I noted we have already done this and I am still receiving the same error. Any pointers? Should we try to remove and re-add?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 6 years ago

Matt, you need to make sure the domain that they used in SmartConnect is the correct value. It should match the value you have when typing whoami at a cmd prompt. They can edit the domain\username in the security window so it would be correct.

Matthew replied 6 years ago

I noted that when resolving the name trhough the AD lookup, our server was using a fully qualified host name. example PSM/mattcampana was resolving fully to PostServiceManagement/mattcampana. I had to manually edit this in the add user to get it to work exactly like the whoami. You can mark this as closed! 😀

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