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Brenda Hopkins asked 3 years ago
I have added and deleted this user multiple times and she can’t run the maps.  The other 40 or so users have no issues.
I have compared to other uses and nothing is different.
She has access to the map: WETUMPKA_JOURNAL_ENTRY
She has access to the Connectors:  GP Connector
She has permissions: Create or Change Mappings / Multi Tenant Access / Run Maps / Scheduling / View Logs
What else can I check?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 3 years ago

What does “she can’t run the maps” mean exactly?

For example, if I don’t have SmartConnect installed, I can’t “run maps” either so both our statements would be correct and accurate.

Now I’m sure they DO have SC installed, but without knowing what “can’t run the maps” means exactly (ie what error? what is happening other than “can’t run maps”) I can’t offer any advice as Lorren offered the “take a shot at a guess” already which you said didn’t work.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 3 years ago

Sigh. I don’t know why I don’t re-read the subject line as you mention an error there.

I’d double check that you noted that “they have create or change mappings” as if you get this error when you open the map that would be the permission to look at.

You can double check this by just having her do a ‘run map’ vs trying to open the map.

Brenda replied 3 years ago

she cannot run maps or open maps, I have security setup correctly. Is there anytime you can look at this? It is month end and she can’t import her JE’s.


Lorren Zemke Staff answered 3 years ago
Brenda, they probably need access to the General Connector as well. That is needed for integrations with Excel/XML/Text/etc.  Basically anything non ERP related requires that connector security item.
Brenda Hopkins replied 3 years ago

After selecting the General Connector we still get the same message.

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