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XML query type not bringing in attribute

James McCullough asked 4 years ago
I have an XML file that contains two attributes in the node for what will be invoice number.  When I go to build the map, however, even when I click the “include attributes as columns”, the system completely ignores the attributes.  I tested this with another (different) XML file, and have seen that it works, and what the new columns look like.
Are there any restrictions on the types of attributes that can be columnized?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
It sounds like the default method of parsing the data is not going to work with your source data. When this happens an Xsl file will have to be created to specify the query to be used.
James McCullough replied 4 years ago

Thank you sir, however I already spoke with a member of your staff who has confirmed it is a bug in your program.

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