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XML Query Source and Header tags returned

Scott Hardman asked 7 years ago
When using the XmlQuery source, I am only getting the header row and first line item coming through in the results when I send it to the destination.  If I send it to a File I get the header information once with all 4 line items.

It seems that the main issue is evident when I preview the data and it looks like this:

HdrPONum   HdrPODate   LineNum   LinePONum   LineItem
—————    —————   ————   —————-   ————-
10023            12/12/2012   1                10023            LUGNUT
                                           2                10023            COG
                                           3                10023            NUT
                                           4                10023            BOLT

The XmlQuery source isn’t repeating the header node on each row of the flattened information.  So when I run the map it says it found 2 PO’s in my file:  PO#10023 (line 1, HdrPONum) and a blank PO# (lines 2, 3 and 4, HdrPONum) and fails to import the lines with the blank PO#. 

How can I force the header information to be repeated on all 4 lines passed into the destination?

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