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Abdul Ilyas asked 7 years ago
I have created two different maps to process the XML. One is for Sales orders and the other one is for Inventory Transfer transactions in GP.
The issue is that the Warehouse Management System creates only one XML, the transaction type identifies that either it is a sales document or Inventory Transaction.
<?xml version=\”1.0\” encoding=\”UTF-8\”?>
<headerLine>� � � <fileDirection>FROM.WMS</fileDirection>� � � <fileType>PICKS</fileType>� � � <itemId>WA1804160243</itemId>� � � <itemCount>26</itemCount>� � � <orderTypeCode>IW</orderTypeCode>  This tag identifies that this is either sales or Inventory Transfer Transaction� � � <toHostDate>19/04/2016</toHostDate>� � � <toHostTime>08:51:05</toHostTime>� � � <customerName>WA</customerName>� � � <referenceNumber>WA1804160243</referenceNumber>� � � <orderCompStatus></orderCompStatus>
Can you please advise the best way to tackle this as we need to schedule the map to read the files and once processed to correct node, move it to the archive folder. 

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