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XML File Source

Mick asked 7 years ago
I have an XML Query File as a Source and receive and “Out Of memory error when attempting to validate the source when using XML Query.  Are there particular standards required.  The XML file seem to have been from a JSON format originally.
<ServiceOrderSet xmlns:json=””>
  <ServiceOrders xmlns:json=”” json:Array=”true”>
    <NewRecordCorrelation />
    <JobLocation xmlns:json=””>
More info in middle:
    <ClaimSet xmlns:json=””>
      <Claims json:Array=”true” />
    <MessageSet xmlns:json=””>
      <Messages json:Array=”true” />
    <ErrorMessageSet xmlns:json=””>
      <ErrorMessages json:Array=”true” />
patrick answered 7 years ago
I’ve run across this one other time I think.  The customer didn’t have too much data in the XML but there quite a few levels deep.
The issue comes in that with the number of records in the source file and the multiple deep nodes, the number of records that SmartConnect has to generate gets huge and we run out of memory in the heap for the application.  Development hinted there might also be a bug somewhere in there as well.
Net result though is that you won’t be able to use this file as-is.
You’d have to remove some data or some of the further-down XML nodes.
Mick replied 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply, thought there may be an issue with the amount of levels being read.

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