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WS PM Transactions node

Michael Zerr asked 6 years ago
Hello sorry I am not sure where I should enter this question here or Key2Act but I am starting here.
In SmartConnect we have under Signature Shared a node called WS PM Transactions. After trying to get it to work it seems you have to run a trace every time you get an error to see what is wrong what is very annoying and time consuming. 
I was wondering if someone has a template to use with this node or if they would mind sharing how they had it setup to save me time of running 100 traces to find out and get my import working? 
And I guess some of my questions are
1. Apply to voucher number is an required field…if we are importing invoices it will not be applied to any field not sure what I need to put in this field
2. Specialized distributions I just am not sure what the field is?
3. is there any documentation what each fields wants passed as the names are kind of vague ? 
I guess any documentation would be helpful
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
You’d probably be better off starting with Key2Act since it is their code they created and know what should get put into what column.
But my 2 cents:
“After trying to get it to work it seems you have to run a trace every time you get an error to see what is wrong what is very annoying and time consuming. “

I guess it depends what error you refer to.  In a typical eConnect node, if there is a validation error like “error 400: customer does not exist”, well that is pretty straightforward.  Your Customer you passed does not exist in wherever the SQL code is looking (we’d assume RM00101 but could be anything depending on whomever wrote the proc)
But if you are getting a Hard SQL error like “cannot convert string to datetime” for example, sometimes running a SQL trace is best because you’d need to know what was being passed to SQL from your map.
As far as templates go, you’d have to ask Key2Act – we don’t have their nodes (ie procs) or any templates for their application.
For your last questions on fields – I’d guess this is distributions, you don’t say the destination. 
for #1 & 2 I’d guess nothing and 0 (or probably just leave unmapped).  You could look in the PM10100 (pm distribution table) and see what kind of data is in those columns.
If I look at my table, the columns are APTVCHNM & SPCLDIST.
So I’d follow the data that is already hand entered into the table.
Since the node is from Wennsoft/Key2Act, I can’t give you specific advice on what they need.  But this sounds essentially like a copy of the GP PM Distribution node and so I’d think that the eConnect documentation should be useful.

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