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Wrong Number of Arguments to " LoadListView"

Lori asked 8 years ago
GP 2013 R2
Security Task Setup Windows
Product – Extender
Type: Extender Resourses
Series: Windows
Error Wrong Number of Arguments to ” LoadListView” appears.
Howard Joslin replied 8 years ago

I have the same issue.

Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
This error occurs if you have the wrong version of Extender loaded for the Dynamics GP version installed. There is one version of Extender that would be for Dynamics GP 2013 Pre-R2 ( and one for GP 2013 Post R2 ( The Extender Pre R2 version is Build 12.00.102 and the Post R2 version is Build 12.00.125.
Kirk Livermont replied 7 years ago

Hi Lorren,
Have you found any other causes of this issue? I am experiencing this exact issue on GP 2013 R2 (12.00.1801) and Extender 12.10.0118 which I believe is a R2 compatible build.


Chris Hanson Staff answered 7 years ago
For anyone that is having this issue, if it isn’t working for you I would contact our support team at so they can work with you directly. The information Lorren provided above has been correct for any cases we’ve dealt with so far within Extender. The support team would be able to dial in and provide the needed steps to resolve it for you system.
Imad replied 7 years ago

I’m getting the same issue. I downloaded the required extender version (12.10.0136) for GP2013R2.
This version did not change the previous version (12.00.0079) and (12.00.00102) once I click on “About” and still getting the same error while setting Task security.

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