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Workflow Approvals for Navigation List

Shannon Mullins asked 4 years ago
Hi All,
 We are trying to create a navigation list that mimics the vendor approval navigation list but do some mods to the scripts. We cannot figure out how to add the workflow approval actions and I don’t see it in the manual…. Help!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
Not possible out of the box.
SLB only has a handful of built-in Actions.  If you don’t see it in the list – it isn’t available from SLB/NLB.
What does that mean for you?  In this case, it means that out of the box with a custom NLB you won’t be able to do approval actions.
However if “we have to be able to make this work”, then yes it is possible.  But you’ll need to write a Dexterity customization.
With SLB, you can make custom “Execute Procedures” via Dexterity customizations as documented in the above blog article.
From a NLB point of view, this would then show up as a destination in the Execute Procedure action type and will take whatever parameters you need it to work with.
Then on the customization side, you’d need to handle that call.  And then more importantly, now that SLB has called YOUR script – you would have to write the code to handle the workflow approval actions on your end.  I really doubt GP has documented any of that.

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