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Workaround for ‘sa’ account needed to create Extender Views

karetess asked 9 years ago
The requirement that Extender Views can only be created using the 'sa' account has become unworkable in our environment.  Developers and users do not have access to this account (that would be insane).  This has become a major bottleneck as our DBA's time for this is severely limited.  I alone am currently up to 30 extender windows I need views for, and counting.  This tool is working very well for us and will be a major factor in making Dynamics GP work for us.  We are going live with GP 2010 this fall and we are on a very tight schedule.  We are replacing 3 of our Oracle-based systems with GP and we are learning GP and all the tools we need as fast as we can.

Is there any way to create Extender Views without the 'sa' account?  What impact would it cause to create database views directly and bypass Extender?  Any limitations or issues that would cause?

Do you have a script that generates an XML file for an Extender View that could be imported into Extender, or a script to create a database view directly for Extender windows?  That would save us a lot of time.


Nicole replied 9 years ago

If you are using Extender Enterprise, on 2010, there isn't a way to create a SQL View without being 'sa'.  It is hard coded to only work as 'sa'.  With Extender for GP 2013, this has been changed to work as any GP user whose login is a sysadmin or dbowner in SQL.  I will make the suggestion to change this in 2010, but cannot guarantee anything.


karetess replied 9 years ago

Thanks Nicole.  I wish we were going live with GP 2013 but we probably won't be upgrading to 2013 for 1-2 years.  I will keep my fingers crossed this will be changed in 2010 :).

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