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Windows Service stalls – ‘Thread was being aborted’

Tim asked 10 years ago

We're randomly seeing the SmartConnect windows service suddenly stop processing when performing long running data updates to an on-premise Dynamics CRM 2011 deployment.

The Windows Service has not 'stopped' but whatever the scheduled map does completely stops processing (e.g. data uploads), and the activity is not removed from the MapActivity table so unless we go in and manually delete the activity and restart the service processing will never resume.  SmartConnect does not know the map has failed or stopped, so we have no way of sending a notification when this happens.

This is an example of what gets logged on the machine where the Windows Service is running:

– SmartConnect Scheduler : Could not run the scheduled map MY_MAP_NAME Thread was being aborted.

– Could not generate grouped dataset for line 'Entity Name (new_entityname)'. Thread was being aborted.

As far as I can tell there is nothing logged on the Dynamics CRM server, turning on tracing and leaving it running for days waiting for a failure is not an option here.  We are able to run very long running data imports of the same map without issue by manually pressing Run in a SmartConnect client, so there's no consistent timeout setting that can be identified.

Has anyone seen this before or does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do to remedy it?

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