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Will SmartPost work with AvaTax (batch) calculations active?

David Morinello asked 4 years ago
I am evaluating replacing our existing Macro based automated batch posting processes with a 3rd party tool.
New company requirements made us turn on Avalara’s AvaTax feature. Now when Posting a SOP batch in GP 2018 R2, a pair of AvaTax progress windows pop up briefly. These popups do not work with the GP Macro language and are breaking our automation.
Question: Will the latest SmartPost version work with¬†Avalara’s AvaTax calculating taxes during batch posting, without error?
Lorren Zemke answered 4 years ago
It should work with windows that pop open and close on their own however it is not an application we have loaded when we go through testing.
SmartPost calls the Dynamics GP Post routine for each module so as long as the Avatax routine is executed within that process we would expect it to work.
I will add a feature request for SmartPost to include it in our testing procedures.
David Morinello answered 4 years ago
Thanks Lorren!
I have a GPUG Forum question out there on the GP Macro issue. Someone mentioned that the two AvaTax popup progress bars break with the Macro because one or both are likely .NET windows.

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