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Will add on windows by Extender still work when migrating MS Dynamics GP from client server to web installation?

Kenny Chong asked 2 years ago
We have an client – server installation of MS Dynamics GP with a few screens added using Extender. Now the management decided that they want the installation to be upgraded to web version. The concern now is whether those screens added using Extender will still work or not after the migration. Please advise what needs to be done or purchased to enable this migration. 
Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I can’t find the KB/blog that I was thinking of as it discusses eOne products and the GP Web Client and compatability.
Extender windows show fine on the GP Web Client and the only limitation I can think of is this one referenced in this forum post.
in which if you create a custom menu to an Extender Form (not window) you won’t be able to access the menu.  Workaround is to make a shortcut to it as I noted in that other post.

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