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Why is Extender display looking strange?

Tim Foster asked 2 years ago
I am creating Windows in Extender and the design screen looks strange:+

It’s like there are two columns of definitions.  The format does not match the manual.  When windows are displayed, they are really wide and long headings are being truncated.
Tim Foster replied 2 years ago

Where did the image go?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

This forum doesn’t accept screenshots or attachments.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I’d have to double check the documentation but recently Extender has expanded Extender Window definitions from 1 column of 15 rows/fields two 2 columns of 15 rows/fields.
To make the columns fit better, the Extender window was widened a bit.  However it hasn’t doubled in width and so the resulting window is tighter due to having to possibly accommodate the 2nd column and so you might see the field widths a bit shortened.
I haven’t checked the recent 18.3 release to see if that has changed or not as I know others have expressed the same concerns.
Tim Foster answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the quick response Patrick.
The Extender version here is 18.02.0059.
I wondered if that was the case (Two columns of 15 rows) due to a special setting or some other issue with the site/install.
The way that the second column field alignment is a little out and the red outline is obscured from time to time fooled me into thinking that something was wrong.
Is this an artefact of the screen resolution or just an issue to be fixed in a new version.
Thanks again.

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