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Which version of SmartConnect to use?

fzuehlke asked 10 years ago
we have owned smart connect & smart view for a couple years now but have only used smartview until now.
We are finally to the point of needing to move off of integration manager and I need to know which version of Smart connect is right for us?

We currently are using Dynamics GP 10, we'd like to upgrade to GP 2010 or GP 2013 sometime next year but can't wait to install smart connect on the newer version.

Do I use Smartconnect 2012,  v10.0.0.51 or v9.1.0.51?

I like the changes to the website, just taking a bit to figure out where the files I used to grab for informaiton are located now.
Thanks for your help.
Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

SmartConnect 2012 works with GP 10 and GP 2010 so that is the one you want.

The older v51 files are just on there for those whose are upgrading from older versions of SmartConnect to the current version. If you are doing a new install though you will want to use SmartConnect 2012 right away.


fzuehlke replied 10 years ago

Would I be correct that the Excel Add-in and  templates I'd download would be for SmartConnect 2010+?

I'm meeting with several members of our IT team later today and am gathering information to show them how Smartconnect can solve some of their Integration Manager issues they're having with a custom operational software importing to GP10.

Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
Yes you will want the SmartConnect 2010+ items for both those downloads.

We will probably change names to SmartConnect 2012 on those labels, but we have people using SC 2010, 2011 and 2012 and they work for all those versions.


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