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When will eOne update the Excel Templates ?

@GP_Beat asked 5 years ago
I came back to SC 2016 after a hectic year-end and now that things are caming down a bit, will have some time to focus on SmartConnect.
I checked back today for updates and there have been an new Excel plugin uploaded on Jan. 8th, 2016. I hope it will fix some of the issues I’ve encountered with the previous plugin..
My question goes towards the Excel Templates that eOne has available for download on their site.. Many times I was asked if I used one of their standard templates or created my own one.. I’d love to use the same fancy templates that were built by eOne, but somehow I can’t seem to make them work properly. The instructions in the Excel Template itself are quite different when it comes to fill out the SmartConnectConfig¬† TAB in Excel :
See the Template sample instructions :

And the real SmartConnectConfig Tab from the E1 Excel template :

It’s very obvious that the company connection part is missing.. so how in the world are you supposed to chose the company.. ?? Of course I can go into the map in SC Console and pre-select the GP company I want to use, but tha defeats the purpose of a multip-option company template.. I want to be able to have my end-users use a single Excel template for any of our GP companies.. not having to create as many as we own companies (over a dozen).
Please let us know how this can be fixed..
Thanks for your help.
@GP_Beat replied 5 years ago

Sadly it looks like this forum platform doesn’t supoort picture embedding..

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