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When To Upgrade to eOne Extender

JenniferW asked 9 years ago
I am going to be upgrading from GP2010 to GP2013 in a couple of months.  We have purchased eXtender Enterprise and will need to upgrade from the Microsoft Extender.  So, I was wondering if I should upgrade to eXtender Enterprise now or wait and upgrade when I do the GP2013 upgrade?  Just wondering which route will be the one easier one.

Nicole replied 9 years ago

Either option will work.  The easier of the two is probably to do it when you do the update to GP 2013 as it will do the update to 2013 and then you just put in the Enterprise registration key.

If you choose to do it at 2010, you willneed to reinstall the Extender code on each workstation and then there is a script we have to run against the data to "update" the tables to the Enterprise structure.


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