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When Maps are auto Scheduled and run SQL Server CPU is 100% and GP crashes

Martin Goodliffe asked 2 years ago
I have an issue where maps are auto scheduled and run, the CPU of the Dynamics SQL server goes to 100% and Dynamics GP2018 has a noticeable slow down in user performance.
SmartConnect is installed on the SQL server (spec is, windows server 2019, 8 core 2.9Ghz Processors with 64GB RAM ) – no other applications other than GP installed on the server.
The scheduling service is not running on this server but from another IIS server.
Whenever the schedules for each map is run, the CPU goes to 100% and GP slows down, however if they are manually run the CPU of the server is absolutely fine.
The maps have a process that runs a stored procedure from the Dynamics database as part of the document success process.
I have around 60 maps that are to be scheduled, it does not matter which ones are scheduled, it results in the same with CPU usage going high.
We recently upgraded from GP 2013 on a SQL2012 server, and when these schedules were run (even 6 at once) the CPU was never above 30% utilisation
The SQL Server has a maintenance plan to rebuild and re-organise the indexes on every database each night to keep with SQL Server tidy and optimized so it cant be that
Has anyone else come across this, or have any ideas of what i can try?

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