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What Security required on a SLB report created with a SQL View

Joan Ludwig asked 8 years ago

I created a SQL View and then created a SLB report by adding the SQL View to the report. I then ran the SmartList and everything worked fine. I scripted the view and sent the SQL View to my customer and ask him to create it in his database and run the grant.sql script against the company database to ensure users had security to the view. I then when in to security tasks in GP and granted security to the SmartList. I also went into SLB security and granted security to the tables and the view. But the customer is getting an error when trying to run the SmartList. They get an error that says they don’t have security to run this SmartList. I then logged in as ‘sa’ and tried it and I get the same error message.
What am I missing? They are on GP2015R2

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