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What Build or Builds are compatible with GP 2015 R2?

Steve asked 8 years ago
GP 2015 R2 has been released.
Are there any current builds of SmartList Builder compatible?
if not, is there any indication of when a compatible build will be made available?
patrick answered 8 years ago
We just received the GP 2015 R2 code yesterday like anyone else and so don’t have an “officially compatible” version yet.
However I would be surprised if the latest Extender or SmartList Builder code didn’t work just fine on the newest release.  We will be testing our products in the next weeks to make sure there aren’t any surprises.
Steve replied 8 years ago

thanks for the update Patrick

Greg replied 7 years ago

Hi Patrick – are you able to give an update on eOne compatible builds for GP2015 R2. I’ts been nearly 8 weeks since this question was first raised. I am looking at upgrading to GP2015 R2 late August. Thanks

patrick replied 7 years ago

extender seems to work fine with GP 2015 r2. SLB does also however the navigation list builder piece does not work. don’t have a timeframe when we get a release that does.

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