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Wennsoft/K2A Screen loses Location Name, Labor Rate Group, and Price Matrix

Cory asked 6 years ago
Hello, just wondering if anyone has seen this before.  We have a few integration maps that write customer information from CRM Online to GP and vice versa.  It seems a few times a week the customer will get a notification from CRM that a new customer was created.  They will then go into GP to edit the customer type in the wennsoft location name, and labor rate group they are blanked out.  It’s as if the CRM map is blocking GP from making changes.  The customer will add the info again, click save, come back and it is gone.  They repeat the process until it saves.  Looking for any way to troubleshoot or if anyone has experienced this before.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
More than likely, it is something in the business logic in the node but there are some thing to look at before trying to get source code from Key2Act.
1. Change the destination of the map to Dynamics GP – File. This will let you set a data path where the SmartConnect map will send XML files that can be reviewed to ensure the correct data is being sent to the node. This will actually not send any data to Dynamics GP.
2. If you don’t want to do option 1, you can click on the Options tab of the map, tick the Use Log option and then Log XML. This will log XML files to the folder defined in SmartConnect Setup-Setup-Other Settings-Error File Path. This will allow the data to be sent to Dynamics GP and create the XML file to review.
We want to make sure SmartConnect is sending those values if you are expecting them to be sent.

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