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Web Service Object Reference

aBarker asked 10 years ago
We have been attempting to link our custom software to the SmartConnect web service to take advantage of the RunMap method. Everything seems to be going great, until we get this response back from the web service:

SmartConnect Webservice : Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Since the error message is in the response from the web service, I am pretty sure that the code in our custom software is correct. I next took a look at the permission of the impersonating user in SmartConnect, where I verified that the impersonating user is currently setup as an admin. I also verified that running the maps when logged in as the impersonating user appears to be working correctly.

We are currently using version of SmartConnect.
Lorren replied 10 years ago

It sounds like there may not be some data being sent that needs to be included since the map is expecting it.  Look in the Event Viewer on the Web Service machine and see if there are any other errors returned besides this one.


abarker replied 10 years ago

We are generating the data as an XML file and sending it to the map. If we process the XML file manually, it goes through perfectly. If we try to process the exact same XML from the web service using RunMap, we get the Object Reference Not Set error. I'd say this is a pretty clear indication that the map is getting everything it needs.

The other odd thing is that the web service will suddenly start working for a few days, and then throw this error again for a couple weeks. All without any changes at all. The maps are untouched. SmartConnect is untouched. Dynamics GP is untouched, aside from having new data added. At this point, my boss has decided that the web service is too unreliable and we are just going to schedule the maps.

Lorren replied 10 years ago

Couple of more questions if I may.

Which version of Smart Connect are you using?  Also, can you send me the map and the XML source?

I understand you are looking to run them scheduled but I would still like to look at them.


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