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Web Client … "waiting……" state on browser – never loads after authentication

Terry asked 4 years ago
Our Web Client used to work, but not working anymore.  I’ve confirmed the Web.config hasn’t changed, and smartconnect service and dbase passwords in it are current.  I’ve restarted all app pools, restarted web sites, etc.   I can authenticate to web client ok (I know this as initially I was getting failed user password error.. after changing password in user maintenance, that error no longer happens)…   I can now authenticate but then am in a browser state of “loading” or “waiting”, etc… for an infinite wait. 
I can restart app pools, SmartConnect, SmartConnectWCF, and SmartConnectWebClient sites with no error.  AppPool account on each is machine admin.
I’ve tried accessing from directly on server as well to eliminate firewall issue, etc.   Any ideas?  I don’t see any errors in Event log or www logs.  Thanks!

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