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Web Client fail to execute map

Edward asked 4 years ago
I am able to access the web client and see all of my maps and related info.  However, I am unable to successfully execute a map; after clicking the Process button it immediately stops.  I have confirmed the eConnect service is installed an running.  What piece am I missing to be able to run a map from the Web Client?
Edward Huels replied 4 years ago

The user used during the Web Client install is the same user used to setup the Windows Service. Scheduled jobs are executing correctly so I believe that confirms the user has the necessary permissions.

I believe using the same user for Web Client and Windows Service is allowed. The setup instructions have a typo in this regard; “Enter the username of the user that will be used to call the SmartConnect Web Client. This user may be the same user selected in step 6.” Step 6 doesn’t reference a user. Step 5 talks is setting up a SQL user, not domain. Step 8 is about setting up the Windows Service and requires a domain user. So, I assume the manual meant to refer to step 8.

Looking for additional Web Client configuration information. The manuals have very little regarding the web client.

Best Answer
Edward answered 4 years ago
Got all my issues resolved.  This isn’t an official answer, but what worked for me…
I have my Web Client being served on a separate host from where my SmartConnect desktop client is installed and where the windows service runs schedules. This required the following to be in place:
1) The service user for the Website needed full rights to the data source and template files through the file share. Some of my maps were configured with a folder as the data source.  My source files where located in a public share, where delete permissions were not available.  I created a new folder and setup share with full permissions for service user.  I also created a template folder in the same share folder.
2) The DSN on the web server must use the same driver and be named the same as the machine where the Map was configured.  The machine where the desktop SmartConnect client is installed and where the maps are configured is a 32-bit machine.  The web server is 64-bit.  Even so, I had to put the 32-bit ODBC driver on and match the name and configuration of the DSN.
3)  Since the maps interact with Dynamics GP, I had to have eConnect installed on the web server and the web service user needed to have permissions to write to the local machine event logs.
4)  In the map definition, I had to use UNC paths to the source folder/files. 
5)  The maps were configured to allow any user to run. 
Hope this helps someone else.
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago

This is a very explanation of the way the web client works. When a map is run it executes the SmartConnect RunMapConsole.exe on the machine to do the map process. When accessing a map through the UI the RunMapConsole of the local machine is used. When Executing a map through the web client or web services it will use the RunMapConsole on the web server.

The user assigned the web client will need access to all files, folders, and connections used by the map from the perspective of the Web Server. So if you were to log into the UI on the web server you should be able to run the map.

On your second point you said the DSN needed to be the same, which is correct, because SmartConnect just remembers which driver and name was used and searches for the same connection on the web server. One thing to note is SmartConnect is a 32-bit application so all external drivers will need to be 32-bit also.

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