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WCF service is not listed in the Running Servers list

Robert F asked 7 years ago
We just installed SmartConnect n a new server along with the WCF service. For some reason it is not listed in the Running Servers list. Will it not show up on there until we run or schedule a map?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
The Running Servers list has nothing to do with the eOne Web Services.
Running Servers list is the machines that have the eOne SmartConnect Windows Service installed on them and are running.
To get a server in this list, install the eOne SmartConnect Service on that machine and then start the service.
Robert F replied 7 years ago

Thanks Patrick but I am wondering why the server isn’t showing in the list when it has the WCF service installed. On the test server with a separate install the WCF service is listed. Once it was installed in the production environment the web service shows on the Running Server list but not the WCF service.

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