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WCF Runmap with variable not setting

Patrick asked 1 year ago
I have been trying to run a map through the WCF Rest service endpoint “runmap/var/{mapid}” and it doesn’t seem to change the global variable.
Currently the map data source uses a global variable to filter through the where clause. A default is set for this global variable for this map but it seems it constantly being replace with an empty string. I’ve tried just running the map through the “runmap/{mapid}” as well hoping it will just pull the global variable’s default value but it also returns an empty string. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.
The global variable is GBL_ITEMNMBR with a default value of Test123
The map datasource query:
Select * from IV00102 where¬†ITEMNMBR = ‘GBL_ITEMNMBR’
The XML that is passed to the “runmap/var/{mapid}” endpoint :
<ArrayOfVariableOfstringstring xmlns=”” xmlns:i=””>
Any help would be appreciated

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