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Visual Studio Tools Questions

Joseph Markovich asked 3 years ago
Am working on migrating all VBA customizations to C# and am looking for some assistance on an issue I’ve run into.
On the Customer Maintenance screen there is a checkbox field I’ve added. The VBA code I have attached to the form now runs a SQL script to count the number of Extender notes entered for the form. If >0 it checks the box. I need to recreate that in C#.
Found this post back from 2015:
Is there any documentation on all of the options that show up in the IntelliSense when adding the Extender dll to my project?
Thank you.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
“Is there any documentation on all of the options that show up in the IntelliSense when adding the Extender dll to my project?”
No – nothing specific to Extender.  The things you see in your Intellisense are the same things you’d see if you chose Application.Dynamics.dll – you would see the .NET representation of the forms, window, fields, and procedures of the Extender dictionary.
The “trick” then is to figure out which “Extender” window is what since Extender re-uses the same underlying Dexterity forms to pretend they are the different Extender windows.
Here you are adding vstools code to the RM Customer Maintenance window in GP and then using a .NET connection to count the records same as you did before.  And then check your checkbox.
Pretty sure that the name of the vstools name of the GP window then would be RmCustomerMaintenance if I recall the vstools naming convention – the window would be the same name.
So you don’t say exactly which form you need to try to interact with or how you need it – but easiest way for you to know the Extender Name of the form is to open it in GP and then use Tools | Customize | Modify Current Window.
that’ll take you to modifier and you can see the real name there.
Then back to GP again (you don’t have to change it in modifier and can also delete from the forms dictionary before going back to GP).
Now you know the name in Dexterity for the form and can figure the name in vstools.
Joseph Markovich answered 3 years ago
Hi Patrick-
Thanks for the quick response to my post.
So, I don’t fully understand. My overall goal is to be able to count any Extender note records that have been entered for a customer. We have the Note window linked to Customer Maintenance.
I am going to need to find out the Dexterity name of the note window using Modifier? And then somehow count the records that way?
Thank you.

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