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Views not created in SQL Server when importing Extender solution

Paul asked 7 years ago
I just tried importing an Extender solution which contains a few views, but the views were not created in SQL Server (though the Extender window does show them as having been imported). Is this a known bug or could I have somehow made a mistake? I did review the procedure in the manual and it is quite straightforward.
I’m on Extender 14.00.0085.000 with GP 2015.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Importing the view only creates the view definition – it doesn’t create the actual view in SQL.  The reason for this is that anyone with permissions to the window can import the definition but only the sa or dynsa user can actually create the view itself in SQL.
To actually create the sql view – you have to use the Extender Views window to select the view and then press “save” button for each extender view.  this will create the view in sql – or it should anyway.

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