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Viewing User Created Smartview

Rachael asked 5 months ago

Understanding that users can create smartviews that are not shared with other users, is there a way for Administrators to view and provide others with access to those?  We have a user that left and has been decommissioned from GP, and we just found out he has smartviews that he created that the team would like access to.  I do not see them and I am a Power User/Administrator.  How can I find and reassign these?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 months ago

Like GP SmartLists, users can create favorites and then give them different visibilities.

In this case, the user seems to have made these Favorites visible only to themselves (the default I believe).

There isn’t a way in the UI to change this, but we should be able to hack around it if we manipulate the table directly in SQL.

In the SV00100 table, you can find the smartlist favorites including the names.

There is a column in that table – All_Users that would be set to 0.  Think you would just have to update it to 1 for the ones you want to give all users access to and that should do the job.

Then from there, you should be able to edit it and grant permissions as you wish from the front end vs hacking around the database like we did above.



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