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“View Map Log” Not Working asked 10 years ago

A SmartConnect 2012 user clicks "View Map Log".  But, when clicking the drop-down list for "Map", nothing happens.  The window appears unusable.

Why?  How do we get it to work?

David replied 10 years ago


The "View Map Log" window is only if you are using the "Debug" checkbox in the Options tab. 

The "Use Log" check box only logs information in the "TraceLine" and "TraceHeader" tables in the SmartConnect database. 

There is a view in the SmartConnect Database that is called "SmartConnect_Trace".  This view links those two tables togother in a view that can be used in a SmartList for viewing the logs.  (You would have to create your own SmartList using SmartList Builder). 



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