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Vendor Add

John asked 10 years ago
We are creating a payables trx map and would like to have any NEW vendors added from the source file if they do not exist.  We were able to run the map for all vendors.  Is there a way to just have only new vendors added and to not update all vendors from the source file? replied 10 years ago

If you uncheck the "Update Existing" setting on the Create/update vendor node, it will only add new vendors but will throw an error on all of the existing vendors.  If that isn't an issue, then this will work.
If you do not want the map to have any errors (which would cause any Map Succeeds scripts to not run), put a script in the Restrictions on the Create/update Vendor node that checks the PM00200 table in the database for the vendor and returns true if the vendor does not exist and false if it does.  If you need an example of that script, let me know.


Dave Feenstra      

Ranga replied 10 years ago

Could you please give an example of this script.   Thanks Ranga

Best Answer
Hanson answered 9 years ago

You would need to write it using a .net script within the restriction in the vendor node. As Dave said you would want to check the vendor master table and if a result is found you would Return False to keep the node from running since the vendor is already there.

We have sample scripts on our knowledge base if you search for "sample scripts" that show how to write sql queries through scripting. Otherwise you can always contact our services team through and we can work with you to create the specific script you need.


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