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VB net append data to csv file

Dan Bigelow asked 4 years ago
i have to build an output file.  It consists of  a header, detail and trailier. I am using the export to file to create the header and than other maps to create detail and trailer files.  I am then using Bat files to append the detail, and trailer to the header file.  It works when i run it manaully but fails when running on the schedule.  i don’t think the user running the schedule has the rights to use the bat files.  I am thinking i need to use scripts to append the data but I don’t know how in VB.  Any ideas?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 4 years ago
Here are some examples on adding text to an existing file.
Any of these examples should be able to be used within a Post Map Script task.
Dan replied 4 years ago

This does look good – Do you think it is the bat files causing the issue. I ran it manually today and it failed the firs time then worked the second… I can’t see any error logs. I guess I can try the scripts and see what happens.

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