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Variable use in SQL statement

Brian asked 9 years ago
I want to execute a SQL statement after the successful completion of each document.  I need to reference the value of a user global variable in the SQL statement.  I'm trying to assign the values to a SQL variable.

Declare @GblVar as char(5)
Set @GblVar = GBL_TESTA

If I exclude the ' around the variable name I get an error Invalid column name 'GBL_'. 
If I enclose the variable in ' the @GblVar gets assigned the string GBL_TESTA.

How do I reference the value of GBL_TESTA in the SQL statement?
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
Brian, it looks like there is something that doesn't work with that variable as I got the same result. I made a new variable just called GBL_MYVAR (under the Maintenance tab in SmartConnect) and used that in hte same statement and it worked as expected.


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