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Variable name @CUSTNMBR has already been declared error when trying to save a map.

Mark Fraser asked 3 years ago
Hello all.
I think I know why this is occurring but don’t want to screw up the fix.
I have created a new version of the FIELDSERVICE_GP_TO_CRM_ACCOUNTS_ONGOING map that puts in a lot of the new custom fields we are using.  However, I can see in the GP database that there is a sc_gen_RM00101 table for both the FIELDSERVICE map and my new custom map which both use the same key field.  Is this what is causing my issue?  Do I need to delete the sc_gen_RM00101 table for the default FIELDSERVICE map to be able to tick the Update field on the Enable Triggers section of the data source.  We only want updates to be triggered, not inserts or deletes.

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