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variable filename

JohnG asked 9 years ago
Our daily source file for integration will be different each time it is generated from an external database. The format will be GLFILEYYMMDD.csv. Is there a way to have the datasource look to a different file name each time the map it is run?
swhitten replied 9 years ago

I haven’t found a way to have a different source file name each time. Here’s what we’ve done as an alternative. We added a little batch file that looks for the oldest file that matches the format like you have above (GLFILE…csv), makes a copy with the name of the source file used by the integration, and moves the original file to a backup location. We call this batch file with a before map script. This gives us a source file that is the same name each time and also preserves a backup copy of the original source file. Good luck!

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