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Variable Account Update Map Runs but does not update data

John asked 5 years ago
Created a Map to update the Variable allocation account master to update UDSTR 1 the map runs successful but when checking the data in SQL no changes were made.  Is there something that I am missing here?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

are you trying to update the user defined string 1 field to be empty? or a different value?

I ask because I have seen this and have found that for whatever reason there is code in the Microsoft eConnect node so that it won’t set the value to an empty string (for whatever reason).

I would consider just using a table destination on the GL00100 and then set the field directly in SQL.

Normally I wouldn’t suggest this because you don’t know the “business logic” behind the field but this is a user defined field and there wouldn’t be any business logic meaning that it is safe(er) to set it directly.

John replied 5 years ago

We are trying to change the existing value I believe Direct to Table will have to be the solution.

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