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Using with GPS…receive error connection could not be validated

Mary M. asked 7 years ago
Created a new map to transfer data to GPS…using Data Source Type = Bulk Load Data….Data Source = MultiDataSource….shown below….I am able to validate both sources.

When I try to map the destination….Destination type = Microsoft Dynamics GP……I receive the error “connection could not be validated”….click on details…..Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
If I can validate the ODBC source, why am I receiving error that “connection could not be validated?
Thank you
Chris Hanson Staff replied 7 years ago

Mary, It doesn’t look like the image came through so I am unsure on what part is failing.

With a multi-source you need to setup each data source individually, and then you need to go into the Query Builder and setup the combined source by joining everything together. If you don’t do the last step the data source will fail to validate even if the individual sources are good.

Let me know if that helps out, otherwise post the image again along with the types of data sources and I’ll look at it further.


Mary replied 7 years ago

Thank you …the issue was with the format of one of the cells in the excel to be imported.


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