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Using ‘Update Existing’ option on a map?

Tudor asked 10 years ago
Just need a bit of clarification on using the 'Update Existing' option on a SmartConnect Map.

I am currently mapping Contract Lines from GP to CRM Contracts and Contract Lines. What I have right now is working fine but I noticed one issue today. There was a new line added to GP and it did not sync over to CRM.

Right now I have the Contract Map set to 'Update Existing' so taht the start and end dates are updated at each sync in case the contract is renewed but I have the Contract Line Map not set to 'Update Existing' because this would update the incidents each time the map is run, which we do not want.

Question is, with having the Update Existing setting enabled on the Contract Map but not on Contract Line Map, if a new line is created in the source (GP) it should still be created on the Contract right? It just wouldn't overwrite any existing Contract Line?

The contract is in Draft status so creating the line shouldn't be a problem but I just want to make sure.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 10 years ago

The Update If Exists checkbox is specific to GP destination.  CRM doesn't have knowledge of that "option" in it's API.  I believe the CRM update to an existing record happens depending on the data you have provided when the update on that CRM record happens.  If you provide existing Key information for that CRM record, it will update the existing record versus trying to create a new record.
Tudor replied 10 years ago

Thanks Lorren, but I think the Update Existing does work for CRM. Currently I don't have the option checked for my Contract Line map and we have the map running every night.

If I decrement the contract incidents in CRM today and the map runs tonight, if the option did not work, it would overrwrite the incidents with the defaults from GP. However, right now the incidents are not changed by the map when it runs every night…

Am I missing something or is this not the expected behavior?


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