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Using the item copy for inventory

croach asked 10 years ago
Hello, Our client was to be able to copy items without the information in the Extender windows copying to the new item.  It seems they were able to do this before upgrading to gp 2010.  Thanks.
David replied 10 years ago

This actually was added as a result of a "product suggestion" from an older version of eXtender. Most likely we received several requests with the other situation. If we have enough people make the same request to change the way the product behaves, we use it as a product suggestion and add it to the product.

The other customers wanted the eXtender information to copy when they duplicated one Inventory Item to the other, so then we included code to make it behave that way.

Usually we need 10 or more of the same request in order to add it to the product, so removing it from the current product would break functionally for at least 10 customers that we know of that asked it to behave the other way, plus other customers that didn't realize it behaved that way on the older version.

Most likely we could write some custom eXtender logic code that would delete any records that got created as a result of a duplicate on the Item Card. It would be a billable service however since it would be custom code written for a specific customer.

Chris replied 10 years ago

You could use an  instead of insert trigger on the EXT tables that looks at the DEX_ROW_TS and if the record is within a second or 2, don't write anything to the table.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
This may be a possibility.  If you want us to look into something like this as a one off customization for you, we can certainly do that as a service.  If you are interested in setting up a service, you can e-mail and they can get you in contact with someone that can help figure out if this will work and how long it would take for the service.
Dave replied 10 years ago

Hi.  We're just running into this issue as well.  Would a Detail Window have the same behavior when copying an item? 

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