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Using SmartConnect with CRM

ChrisP asked 9 years ago
Can SmartConnect be used to move data between two different MS-CRM environments without any installation of Dynamics GP or eConnect? The installation manual seems to indicate that even if moving data between CRM environments GP and eConnect are prerequiste needs. thanks
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

Yes, you can use SmartConnect to move data between two MS CRM environments provided that at least one of them is 2011 or greater. The Dynamics CRM 4 connector in SmartConnect can be set up to use a CRM 4, CRM 2011 or CRM 2013 on-premise instance. Then set up the other CRM instance in the Dynamics CRM Connector.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and eConnect are not required for using SmartConnect.

Aaron replied 7 years ago

I have learned from eOne support additional caveats to Lorren’s statement.

The SmartConnect 2015 connector for CRM 4 will work (both WCF services and ASMX web services) for DESTINATION mapping to a CRM 2011 server; however, when you want CRM 2011 to be your source, using the CRM 4 connector (with either the WCF .svc or Web Services .asmx) is not supported.

Note: If you do want to try to make it work unsupported, CRM 2011 predates Microsoft’s use of WCF services in that product and so you might have better luck with SmartConnect’s Web Service .asmx endpoint as under the hood, Smart Connect creates plugins that call their service and CRM 2011 may play better with the .asmx code — just a hunch.

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